Repair Outlets or Switches

Whether it's light switches, electrical switches, circuit breakers, or a few outlet repairs, our skilled, highly-trained employees will arrive promptly at your location to repair the outlet or switch. To avoid a larger electrical problem in your home or office, contact BF Electrical North Sydney right away if you see a defective outlet or other potentially dangerous indicators.

Many sets of contacts are actuated concurrently, sequentially, or alternately by the same knob or actuator in switches of various forms and sizes. A switch, like a light switch or a keyboard button, can be operated manually, or it can be used as a sensor, like a thermostat, to detect the location of a machine component, liquid level, pressure, or temperature. Just a few examples are toggle switches, rotary switches, mercury switches, push-button switches, reversing switches, relays, and circuit breakers. To make it easier to control light fixtures, many switches can be combined into a single circuit. When high-power circuit switches are opened, they must be built so that dangerous arcing is minimized.

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